Molecular Geo- & Palaeobiology Lab
Current and recently completed research grants
DFG (Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft):
Wo896/19-2 Sponge TaxonOMICs v2 (within SPP 1991 Taxon-OMICs), with Sergio Vargas & Dirk Erpenbeck, München (2021-2023)
Wo896/20-1: Filling the gap - Morphology of sponges in the age of genomics. (2019 - 2022)
Wo896/19-1 Sponge TaxonOMICs (within SPP 1991 Taxon-OMICs), with Sergio Vargas & Dirk Erpenbeck, München (2018-2020)
Wo896/18-1: Molecular biomineralization of octocoal skeletons: calcite versus aragonite (MINORCA) G. Wörheide with S. Vargas (München) 2017-2019.
LMUexcellent (through the German Excellent Inititative): MODELSPONGE. G. Wörheide with D. Erpenbeck (München) (2014/2015).
Wo896/15-1: Molecular Paleobiology of Lithistid Sponges. G. Wörheide with D. Erpenbeck (München) 2014-2017.
Wo896/9-1,2: Pylogeny of selected key taxa of Antarctic deep-sea Porifera (Sponges) and the history of their radiation. G. Wörheide (München). In cooperation with D. Janussen (Frankfurt). 2008-2012.
Wo896/7-1: Deep DownUnder - Exploration of relict faunas on the deep slopes of the Queensland Plateau (Coral Sea, Australia). G. Wörheide (München), C. Lüter (Berlin), J. Reitner (Göttingen). 2008-2010.
Wo896/6-1,2,3: A combined phylogenomic and palaeontological approach to resolve deep phylogenetic incongruences among Phylum Porifera. G. Wörheide (München), B. Morgenstern, J. Reitner (Göttingen). Within DFG Priority Programme SPP 1174 "Deep Metazoan Phylogeny - Stammesgeschichte der Großgruppen der Tiere". 2005-2012.
Wo896/5-1,3,4: Phylogenetic analysis of hexactinellid sponges (Porifera: Hexactinellida) based on molecular and comparative morphological data. G. Wörheide (München). In cooperation with D. Janussen (Frankfurt). 2005-2010.
Wo896/4-1,2,3: Characterization of matrix proteins of the coralline demosponge Astrosclera willeyana - A contribution to understanding the evolution of biomineralization. G. Wörheide & J. Reitner (Göttingen). 2005-2008.
Wo896/3-1,3: The phylogeny of calcareous sponges (Porifera: Calcarea). G. Wörheide, V. Thiel, J. Reitner (Göttingen). 2005-2008.
Marie-Curie Actions, European Union:
Marie Skłodowska-Curie Innovative Training Network (ITN) "Comparative Genomics of Non-Model Invertebrates" (IGNITE) (Coordinator G. Wörheide; 2018-2021) Grant agreement No 764840.
European Union, 6th Framework Programme: Human Resources and Mobility (HRM) Activity. Marie Curie Actions. Host Fellowships for Early Stage Research Training (EST): Proposal FP6-020561: "HOTSPOTS" (Understanding and Conserving Earth's Biodiversity Hotspots). Coordinator: Dr. Vincent Savolainen, Kew Botanical Gardens. One EuroPhD fellowship to be supervised by G. Wörheide. 2006-2010.
Coordination of EU - Marie Curie Outgoing International Fellowship (OIF) of Dr. Dirk Erpenbeck (Contract No. MCOIF-2004-2882): The systematics of Sponges without Mineral Skeleton and its Phylogeographic implications. 2005-2008.
Australian Research Council (ARC):
Discovery Project DP190101593
“Tracking origins and spread of Crown-of-Thorns Seastars on the GBR”.
Chief Investigator: Cynthia Riginos (The University of Queensland)
Partner Investigators: Sven Uthicke (Australian Institute of Marine Science), Gert Wörheide (Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München). 2019–2021.
International Linkage Project LX0775962: Evolution of the biofabrication of mineralized structures in animals. B. Degnan, D.J. Jackson, The University of Queensland, Brisbane, Australia; G. Wörheide, Universität Göttingen. 2007.
Linkage Project LP0775179: Deep Downunder: designing a deep-sea exploration and discovery capability for Australia. PI. Project Coordinator J. Marshall, The University of Queensland, Brisbane, Australia. 2008-2012.
Discovery Project DP0558901: The making of a sea shell: function and evolution of genes encoding calcareous architectures of phenomenal strength, purity and beauty. B. Degnan, F. Simpson, The University of Queensland, Brisbane, Australia; G. Wörheide, Universität Göttingen; V. Hinman, California Institute of Technology, USA. 2005-2008.
National Science Foundation (NSF):
PorToL - The Porifera Tree of Life Project (Assembling the Tree of Life Program). 2008-2012. Co-PI.
Alfred P. Sloan Foundation:
DNA Barcoding of Marine Biodiversity (MarBOL). 2008-2010. Co-PI.
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