Molecular Geo- & Palaeobiology Lab
Lab Members » Present
Prof. Dr. Gert Wörheide
(Lab head)
Chair of Geobiology and Paleobiology
PD Dr. Sergio Vargas
(Assistant Professor)
Prof. Dr. Dirk Erpenbeck
Extraordinary Professor

Scientific Lab Manager

Scientific Secretary of the GeoBioCenter at LMU
PD Dr. Oliver Voigt
Lecturer and Research Scientist
Topic Coordinator Masters Program "Geobiology and Paleobiology"
Dr. Nora Dotzler
(Lab Technician: Histology)
Dr. Peter Naumann
(Research Aquaria)
Gabriele Büttner
(Lab technician, Molecular Biology)
Simone Schätzle
(Lab technician, Molecular Biology, Aquaria)
Joëlle van der Sprong
PhD student in SPP "Taxon-OMICS" (DFG funded project on Sponge TaxonOMICs v2)
2021 -
(Supervisors: Gert Wörheide, Sergio Vargas, Dirk Erpenbeck)
Killian Smith
PhD student in ITN IGNITE (2019-2021)
Model development
Supervisor: Gert Wörheide
Ramon Rivera
PhD student in ITN IGNITE (2018-2022)
Sponge holobiont genomics
Supervisor: Gert Wörheide
Fabian Deister
PhD student in SPP "Taxon-OMICS" (DFG funded project on Sponge TaxonOMICs)
2018 -
(Supervisors: Gert Wörheide, Sergio Vargas, Dirk Erpenbeck)
Luis Porras
PhD student (DFG)
Sponge Evolution
(supervisor Gert Wörheide)
Adrian Galitz
PhD student 2016
(supervisor Dirk Erpenbeck)

MSc student 2014/15
Implications of phylogeny and secondary metabolites on Collospongia auris and the dictyoceratid clade

BSc student 2013: Climate change and marine organisms: corals

Vani Tirumalasetty
Student Research Assistant
SpongeTaxonOMICs v2
Leonard Namuth
MSc Student MGAP
Supervisor Dirk Erpenbeck
Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences
Palaeontology & Geobiology