Molecular Geo- & Palaeobiology Lab
Lab Members » Present
Dr. Michael Eitel
Genomics of Non-Bilateria
Dr. Martin Dohrmann
Post Doc (2016 - ongoing)
DFG Research Fellow
Dr. Sergio Vargas
(Assistant Professor)
Dr. Dirk Erpenbeck
Lecturer and Research Scientist
Scientific Lab Manager
Scientific Secretary of the GeoBioCenter at LMU
Dr. Oliver Voigt
Lecturer and Research Scientist
Topic Coordinator Masters Program "Geobiology and Paleobiology"
Dr. Peter Naumann
(Research Aquaria)
Gabriele Büttner
(Lab technician, Molecular Biology)
Simone Schätzle
(Lab technician, Molecular Biology, Aquaria)
Luis Porras
PhD student
Sponge Evolution
(supervisor Gert Wörheide)
Benedetta Fradusco
PhD student (DFG)
Biomineralization in calcareous sponges
(supervisor Oliver Voigt)
Nicola Conci
(PhD student, DFG)
Genetics of coral biomineralization
(supervisor Gert Wörheide & Sergio Vargas)
Adrian Galitz
PhD student 2016
(supervisor Dirk Erpenbeck)

MSc student 2014/15
Implications of phylogeny and secondary metabolites on Collospongia auris and the dictyoceratid clade

BSc student 2013: Climate change and marine organisms: corals
Nicola Heckeberg
(PhD student) (Elitenetzwerk Bayern, DAAD)

Molecular Palaeobiology of Cervidae.
(co-supervision with PD Dr. Gertrud Roessner, BSPG, and Dr. Rob Asher, University of Cambridge, UK)
Astrid Schuster
(PhD student, DFG):
Evolution and systematics of lithistid sponges
(supervisor Dirk Erpenbeck & Gert Wörheide)

Lena Wilde
MGAP Masters student 2016/2017
Calcareous sponges
(supervisor Oliver Voigt)
Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences
Palaeontology & Geobiology